Time -- An Individual Perspective

I have come to realize that the length of time, or rather, its perception is entirely reflective of ones positive or negative perspectives. For some --time stretches on and on until its seemingly endless expanse causes varying degrees of depression and despair. For others the time is not but a drop in the bucket and one is left to wish for more of it or the has the feeling that things have been left unrealized.

As with most things -- the perspective of time has its middle grounds. Congratulations to those that have been able to find it and maintain a hold the perception.

It is my hope that for most -- that time becomes a side note to those things that we are here to do...that we relish in every moment we are given and live life as we are intended to do -- fulfilling every moment with that which is worthwhile and needful...even if it is doing the 7th batch of 12 load of laundry or loading the dishwasher one more time before dinner. "Carpe Diem" !!!

It has been over two months since we made it to Idaho -- for those who we will leave behind in the Boise valley -- the time spent may not have been long enough and yet for others we may have over stayed a generous welcome -- but I would like to think that there is more of a probability that both perceptions are playing with their psyche.... Anyway -- whatever the case may be....the time that we have been here, there, and just about everywhere has been full of experiences of which I am grateful.

Mom and Dad -- thank you!

The kids (now five) and I will leave at the end of the week to join John in Eastern Idaho (a highly wonderful and much anticipated event). I will again be without access to a computer regularly -- but that too will only be for a short while -- so unfortunately, I won't be able to update this blog or answer emails with much consistency. -- Please keep checking in --


Cindyann Camilla Hyde

Cindyann Camilla Hyde
She is absolutely wonderful! She was born on July 10th at one minute shy of 1pm. It only took about 4.5 hours. She weighed a "little" (for me) 8lbs 6oz and was just shy of 20 inches. It took us a while to finally decide on her name - but Cindyann sure fits her. Cindyann is a combination of my mom's first and middle names. Camilla comes from a couple of different sources -- but mainly from Camilla on Anne of Avonlea
Only here for a week and I can't imagine life without her!
We are all doing well.


Rebecca's SOAP BOX

"Nothing ever comes to one,
that is worth having,
except as a result of hard work."

Booker T. Washington

Today is Saturday & at our house that means pretty much only one thing -- WORK. Yard work -- house work --- chores, chores, chores and more chores. Work until there is nothing left to do (which is usually never) or until the sun doesn't shine (however since the discovery of electricity that little phrase no longer holds true because the lights can radiate until the rooster's "cockadoo" signals the sunrise).

It's common knowledge that this is the rule not the exception with the Hyde family -- so why then is it such a battle each Saturday (daily really -- but I'll not go there right now) -- to get everyone's participation without having a major melt down by them or us to get things accomplished?

Actually, I can't say that I don't know the answer to that question -- at least, with regards to our current circumstance in this life..... In fact, I've known what the underlining issue is for the past year and some ... & have been waiting for one of the kids to be brave enough to bring it up.

FINALLY it happened today -- Shealyn voiced what she and her siblings have so wanted to scream at the top of their lungs each time they have been told to do this, that or the other.
The comment went something like this, "I don't know why we have to work so much when all of the neighborhood kids get to play after school and on Saturday. All we ever get to do is work, work, work. Why can't we do what we want to do...."

So -- there we have it ...all the other kids ...
I have to admit - it does seem that way...I can count the times that I have seen kids who associate with my children outside doing chores -- I can't say that there is nothing required of them within their own homes BUT I do know that my kids are constantly having to turn friends away because they have to mow the lawn, do the dishes, clean up their rooms, help with the laundry, pick up their stuff that they have left throughout the house, sweep, vacuum, dust, watch after their little sister, help with with that and the other... etc. --

Now --- these are not assigned things that have to be done on a daily basis -- they are usually things that are asked of them only when there is need to ask for their help. So it isn't like they never get to do anything else.
To be honest, there is sooooo much more that could be required of them -- I remember having to work -- I remember feeling like my dad was cruel task master and OH how I hated doing the dishes, ironing, folding laundry, cleaning the bathroom... weeding the garden and the tams were one of the worst things ever (aaaahhhhh) -- I did really enjoy mowing the lawn... but perhaps that was a flaw in my genetic make up -- actually I still enjoy it.

John - now he was required to work!
I hear about those daily chores that he was required to do on their family "homestead" when he was not older than AnnaMerin and then the hard work that he did on top of those required things for others as means to earn money as a teen. OOOOHHH -- My experiences could never compare -- I have often thought that although I learned work in theory -- he learned work in action -- all you have to do is watch him work -- To me, John totally embodies the quote by Arnold J. Toynbee
"The supreme accomplishment is to blur the line between work and play."
To this day he sincerely finds true joy working HARD and in the accomplishment of a job well done.

I will never apologize for requiring my children to work. Don't I have a responsibility to them now and to who they will become in the future. It is such a disservice to them if I fail in this (as well as many other things -- but those things can be another SOAPBOX topic).

I know that I am showing one of my major personality flaws by saying this -- but, ...
I so want to see how these "other kids" are faring when it comes time for them to keep a house, a yard, a garden, a job..... Maybe they will do well -- I honestly hope that they do --

Learning to work is a hard work in and of itself,

but learning to work is a necessary lesson and a basis for so many other lessons in this life
and the sooner it is learned -- the better off we will be
and the further along the road we will find ourselves.


"Gotta Dance"

Being a majority female household - Dancing with the Stars has become a diversion that practically rivets us to the TV each Monday night. As fun as it is to watch the stars perform -- for me, the best part is watching Loralee. The phrase that comes to mind is from one of my more favorite movies - Singing in the Rain -- "Gotta dance!"


Our Tree

We have a huge White Oak in our front yard. It doesn't shade the house, it leaves a thick caking of pollen on everything in the Spring, it has these little hangy things that stick to everything and causes a nasty pasty stuff when it is wet -- not to mention ALL of those leaves each fall. BUT OH... I will miss every aspect of this tree! I so enjoy watching the wind rustle through the branches, hearing the kids jump in the leaves that it leaves behind and watching them use it as a jungle gym. Their laughter has been the best part of this tree. Being as hormonal as I am -- I started to cry today when I realized that when this house sells I will no longer get to enjoy watching it go from season to season. I think leaving this tree will actually be right up there with having to leave Walker. I have decided that no matter where we end up -- there will have to be at least one HUGE tree in my front yard.


(Grass) Surfing (Ga) USA

We decided to take advantage of the beautiful 75 degree spring weather and head off to the Stone Mountain Laser Spectacular on Thursday evening. They have changed it from last year - quite dramatically-- they had taken out some of the favorites we've come to know and they used a different version of my "Devil Went Down To Georgia". It is okay --worth seeing if you aren't too attached to the older versions -- but you just don't mess with my Charlie Daniels Band. ANYWAY -- before the whole thing started - the kids took apart the sides of our wagon and used it to grass surf. Even Loli got into it this year. You don't have to view the whole thing to get the idea.


Tag -- About Me and My Husband

What is his name: John Leslie Hyde

How long have you been together? 13 years, 95 days and some hours

How long did you date? On and off OR off and on -- depending on how you look at it from May 1993 until December 1994 -- give or take a few months here and a few months there.

Who eats more? He does -- but I seem to be the one who weighs more.

Who said, "I love you." first? He asked if I did and I said yes -- So, I guess that I was the one that caved first.

Who is taller? Right now -- he is by a couple of inches.

Who is smarter? That would definantly be ...... well, it depends in what category. He'd win hands down in some things and I in others.

Who does the laundry? Me -- he'll do his clothes if he runs out of them before I feel like doing wash.

Who does the dishes? Me -- or whichever unlucky kid gets tagged before they can leave the dinner table.

Who sleeps on the right? Facing the bed -- he does. Closest to the door. Now if the left was closer -- he'd sleep on the left. Something about being closer to the door. Which is fine with me because I have a thing for being closer to the window.

Who mows the lawn? He more than I -- and really the kids more than I , too. But I do it often enough.

Who cooks dinner? I usually do -- unless it is a "fend for yourself" night. Although -- when he cooks -- he does a great job!

Who is more stubborn? I am -- Yet, he is doing a lot better at it and may surpass my streak soon.

Who kissed who first? That would have to be John -- mainly because I'd never kissed anyone before and my first attempts left A LOT to be desired -- at least I thought so -- he didn't seem to mind -- He just stated that we'd have to practice OFTEN.

Who asked who out first? He called me. Blind date type of thing. We went bowling with his brother and sister-in-law and then to a movie. It was my first "official" guy ask girl date.

Who proposed? He did. He spent all day making me a video. I thought that it was very clever and totally endearing. In fact, he's just made good on one of those proposal video promises -- I now have a red entry door.

Who has more siblings? Well, - we both come from six. I have more siblings living. He has 3 sisters and 2 brothers and I have one brother and four sisters.

Who wears the pants? To be honest -- I really think that we do pretty well at sharing the pants. It is just deciding on who has to get the zipper up and the button fastened that creates some issues.

I tag - any who read this blog and wants to participate.


"Sing..Sing A Song...

Sing out loud, sing out strong. Don't worry if it's not good enough -- for anyone else to hear. Just sing. Sing a song. Lalalalala -- Lalalalalala -- Lalalalalalala......"

Does anyone else remember this song from Sesame Street? Doesn't it just make you smile!?!

Today I was picking up lunch for John and there was this young man in the car next to mine, sitting in his driver seat -- SINGING. He saw me ... and the other people who looked his way -- but he kept singing. It brought a smile to my face and I stated, "Good for you!" (Actually, I thought, "Bully for you kid!" "Bully" meaning the same thing a "Way to go" or "Good for you" -- Verbage I have seemed to pick up from my better-half's wonderful family).

Maybe it was that the song was appealing to me and/or his voice blended rather well with that of the song arteest -- I don't rightly know -- but I do know that it reminded me of those days when listening/singing(at the top of my lungs -- so that anyone else could hear) to my favorite song brought me happiness. Oh! -- the songs that still to this day will bring a leap to my heart, a twinkle to my eye and a bounce to my step.

I sang songs all the way to John and all the way home again, today. And ya know what -- it brightened every aspect of my life this beautiful spring day. May we all have a song in our heart and SING -- Sing OUT LOUD so that everyone else can hear!